Monday, June 11, 2012


I've been pensive tonight. The shooter involved in the the Auburn, AL shooting is still currently at large though officials think that they have found him in a house. I pray for the safety of all involved and that the situation ends quickly. But it makes me reflect on how quickly life changes.

I generally like change. It helps to develop character and often times shows character of those involved in the change. It allows time for some reflection, for positive critique, and for the opportunity to improve. Currently with all of the changes in work and personal life I've moved past personal reflection and critique and am ready to improve! I have my second solicitation tomorrow in my new role. I pray that it goes well and that I'm able to find a good partnership between the company and Make-A-Wish.

Currently I have an event going on with Prime Restaurant. If you are in the Buckhead area and Lenox Mall you should stop in on Tuesdays this month!

Also along the lines of change...I've been watching the Stanley Cup games yesterday and today. I've really gotten into it. Though I've been swayed to cheer for the LA Kings. Maybe next season I'll pick my own team to cheer for since ATL sold their team.

Go Kings, GO!

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