Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Homework After Spring Break

I am not a good blogger apparently.  I initially started this as a knitting/life blog and let's just say that with a full load of classes the knitting has gone by the wayside :(  I know, sad.  I haven't given it up, but I'm more focused on graduating from Auburn University soon! LOL December graduation here I come!

Let me update you on life though, for it has continued onward with no stopping or slowing. A full load of classes has been hectic for me at times, but not terrible.  I love most of them and the online class hasn't been bad either.  I was ready for Spring Break though after a week full of 4 tests!  Spring Break was spent in Miami with Megan!  We had a blast! A trip to Key West and a week of our favorite pastime: eating; it doesn't get much better than that!

Above are pics!  The first is my favorite drink down there: Batido de Mamey.  Mamey (mom eh) is a fruit similar to a papaya.  It is consumed with a fritas (sandwhich, Cuban style with small potato chips on it). I forgot to take a picture of the fritas because I was so hungry I ate it! :)  I also forgot pictures of the empanadas! *Sigh*  The middle and third pic are in Key West.  Myself, Kelley, and Megan at the southern most point, and yes I know that I have on a long sleeve shirt but with my fair skin and no sunscreen I wasn't taking any chances!  Finally Megan and myself at the beach in Key West.  I miss her like crazy the moment I get back on the plane to come back...wish we were closer!

So now, it's back to the books to finish the last five weeks of class! I CAN do this, I must do this! The end is so near! :)