Saturday, December 15, 2012

On a career transition - again

So much has happened since my last post. I'm not a very good blogger (I think I've said this before) and being as busy as I've been is just one of the reasons. It turned out that a development job was not for me; at least not yet. So I took a new position of Alabama Volunteer Manager at the newest Make-A-Wish chapter: Alabama! I started September 1 and have been going non-stop ever since. That is not that I don't take time out for myself, it just seems to go from one day to the next. When the new chapter started, the staff in Alabama went from 3 to 5 in two weeks and a month after that we were at 7! I love the ladies I work with and it's definitely a challenge as we shift and adjust to all of the new in the office. I have to remind myself daily that we get to make it the "Alabama" way now instead of the "Georgia & Alabama" way. It is a unique situation and I'm happy I was able to be included. On top of everything, today is my 2 year anniversary with Make-A-Wish - I'm forever grateful!

For the fun stuff. I've been interested in spinning for a while now (the act of taking roving and putting twist into it to make yarn). I learned on a drop spindle which was cumbersome and bulky. I moved to a trindle and though it made spinning easier it wasn't as fluid as I wanted it to be. Therefore, my interest in owning a spinning wheel increased. I tested a few out in Atlanta before I moved and was pleased with the results that I got; also I was pleased with how naturally it felt to me. But due to moving costs, I held off on getting one. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when we were in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and my mom said that we would be picking up a Christmas present for me early. I was shocked to hear her say that because she knows that if I know I'm getting it now then she won't get to wrap it up and put it under the tree. You can imagine my greater surprise when she told me we would be going to The Whole Nine Yarns to pick it out! Needless to say we walked out with a single treadle Ashford Traveller.

I came back that weekend and went to work! I had received some pencil roving a few years back and as of today it is all finished!

I think I may call it "Cotton Candy." It has all of the light blues, purples and pinks that remind me of that yummy carnival treat. I'll be starting on some blue faced leicester roving that was dyed green. Hopefully I can keep you somewhat more up-to-date on the adventures of an intermediate spinner.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving forward

Today was exciting! In the new role, I have been working to get involvement by new companies. Though just over a month in I haven't been out asking as I've been on a learning curve. My first ask a few weeks ago was more exploratory than I realized it would be and therefore changed my strategy. So my second ask occurred today and it was quite productive. I've sent up many prayers that this event comes through! We need the funding for our wish kiddos. Money raised locally stays locally - which is contrary to popular belief.

Finally though they captured the shooter in the Auburn incident last Saturday night. I pray that justice is served, though the families are in my prayers much, much more.

I've also been teaching a friend to knit. She's caught on rather quickly and that is exciting to see! I love sharing my craft with others - though I am continually breaking the "knitter's mold" of being old and knitting sweaters. In fact, I steer clear of sweaters and baby items :)

So a sports note before I sign off. Tonight is game one of the NBA Finals and though basketball is not my sport of choice to watch I am rooting for the Thunder. The reasoning behind this you might ask. Well, the Heat doesn't hold favor with me in their art of granting the wishes of our children. I know, it's not very sport related but I've been forced to choose lately.

How could anyone say no to our wonderful children?!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I've been pensive tonight. The shooter involved in the the Auburn, AL shooting is still currently at large though officials think that they have found him in a house. I pray for the safety of all involved and that the situation ends quickly. But it makes me reflect on how quickly life changes.

I generally like change. It helps to develop character and often times shows character of those involved in the change. It allows time for some reflection, for positive critique, and for the opportunity to improve. Currently with all of the changes in work and personal life I've moved past personal reflection and critique and am ready to improve! I have my second solicitation tomorrow in my new role. I pray that it goes well and that I'm able to find a good partnership between the company and Make-A-Wish.

Currently I have an event going on with Prime Restaurant. If you are in the Buckhead area and Lenox Mall you should stop in on Tuesdays this month!

Also along the lines of change...I've been watching the Stanley Cup games yesterday and today. I've really gotten into it. Though I've been swayed to cheer for the LA Kings. Maybe next season I'll pick my own team to cheer for since ATL sold their team.

Go Kings, GO!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Days in a Row

So as promised, I'm back for Day 2 that is. Still no pictures of any of my knitting project from the past year and a half but I'll get on those this week. I had a dreary start to this rainy Sunday. I received a phone call regarding a shooting in Auburn, AL. This is where I went to college and it is a place that I hold near and dear to my heart. I am in prayer for those involved and that God will pour out His love and peace over them in this trying time.

My Atlanta Braves lost today as well. I was a trooper though and stayed through the rain and the dismal score till the very end. But I was excited to meet a friend at Buckhead Church and follow that up with Pinkberry afterwards. I'm thankful for the few friends that I have in the Atlanta area as they mean the world to me.

Back to work tomorrow. I have at least 2 asks to make this week and hopefully that will grow! If anyone in the GA/AL areas want to host an event for Make-A-Wish Georgia and Alabama give me a ring at 770.916.9474 x10!

That's all for now.

"And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time To Play Catch Up

So it has definitely been a very long while since I've posted anything and so much as happened! Needless to say, the rest of my Europe trip won't make it online but I doubt that will hurt anyone's feelings.

After getting back from Europe I worked my last few months at the Auburn Alumni Association in the Program Services department. After saying good-bye in August, I started a whirlwind period at Make-A-Wish Georgia and Alabama. I began as an intern in the Program Services department working directly with wish referrals, families waiting for the process to begin and wish families attending events. I worked as an intern from August till December 6. Towards the end of my time - when I should have been looking for a job and wasn't - God was looking out for me as the CEO offered me a job as the Office Coordinator.

Over the next several months lots of change happened and by October 2011 the new CEO John was ready to make some changes. One of the being for me to become his Executive Coordinator (so less than 10 months I had my first promotion - and in my mind and in others it was one well deserved). I was excited to hire my first employee less than one month later and I still think she is the best first hire!!

Then in April, God allowed further change to happen in my career. I was offered the position of Community Events Coordinator in the Atlanta office. On May 1, my second promotion began. There has been time of change and transition as the new Executive Coordinator was hired and started - she's an Auburn grad so of course I approve :). I've been finding myself in the new job and seeing as it is the first time I've had to ask for money through events I become excited at the new prospects ahead of me.

On the personal side, I still knit - often. Hopefully pictures will be coming soon. I just installed internet at the apartment so that I can keep better in touch with family and friends.

I also have a beautiful goddaughter - Juliana - she is 16 months old and I'm sure that I'll mention her more than once as I continue to blog. She is a joy and delight to see as each time she's bigger! She and her family live 5 hours from me so that makes it hard to see her often.

God has blessed me with two very dear and wonderful friends, Jordyn and Megan, but they live so far! I am thankful that He has seen fit to give us the relationships that can adapt and change but still remain.

That's all for the moment.