Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving forward

Today was exciting! In the new role, I have been working to get involvement by new companies. Though just over a month in I haven't been out asking as I've been on a learning curve. My first ask a few weeks ago was more exploratory than I realized it would be and therefore changed my strategy. So my second ask occurred today and it was quite productive. I've sent up many prayers that this event comes through! We need the funding for our wish kiddos. Money raised locally stays locally - which is contrary to popular belief.

Finally though they captured the shooter in the Auburn incident last Saturday night. I pray that justice is served, though the families are in my prayers much, much more.

I've also been teaching a friend to knit. She's caught on rather quickly and that is exciting to see! I love sharing my craft with others - though I am continually breaking the "knitter's mold" of being old and knitting sweaters. In fact, I steer clear of sweaters and baby items :)

So a sports note before I sign off. Tonight is game one of the NBA Finals and though basketball is not my sport of choice to watch I am rooting for the Thunder. The reasoning behind this you might ask. Well, the Heat doesn't hold favor with me in their art of granting the wishes of our children. I know, it's not very sport related but I've been forced to choose lately.

How could anyone say no to our wonderful children?!

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