Sunday, June 14, 2009

On New Things Learned

This weekend's new lessons have been Turning Heels and Pick Up and Knits.  Both are used in making socks!  This has definitely been interesting as I learn best by having Mom demonstrate things to me and then if I have further questions I research it in my books here or online.  Mom, however, wasn't here and was heading on a mission trip this week.  I spent a good bit of time on the phone with her Friday night trying to learn how to turn the heel and messed up quite a few times.  I finally got that down Saturday morning, taught myself to Pick Up and Knit since Mom was out of cell phone service and otherwise busy with her trip, and got about 2 inches into the sole and realized that my pick ups were too loose and I had dropped a stitch soon after switching back to a master color.

*Sigh* Out came all of the stitches that made up my turned heel and following two inches.  I relooked up Pick Up and Knit on and didn't come up with anything that helped me.  Everything was too far away, didn't pertain to me, or was way too fast for me to keep up with.  So I tried again with a different look on my pick ups and was successful and have now gotten back to the point where I was last night when all of those stitches came out :) YAY so I'm chugging along on this Christmas present idea and the next thing to tackle will be the toe! Hopefully I'll be able to have Mom help me with it as I go home to celebrate Father's Day this weekend!

I've got a couple of scarves going as well to have something to do when my brain gets tired of concentrating on my "sock project" as I'm coming to call it.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Oh the heel! I had to do that several times, too. The toe was not nearly so bad. On the pair I made for my mom, you just decreased and then did a kitchener stitch to close. No visible seam :) The K-stitch looks complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is simply "k off, p on, p off, k on"

    Don't know if you'll need it or not, but that helped me a lot. Happy Knitting!