Monday, June 8, 2009

On Christmas projects

This past week has been full of buying yarn and starting projects.  I tend to take on ambitious projects that call for needles that I don't have and yarn that costs an arm and a leg to purchase.  However, my mom is great for helping me stay grounded to some degree but encourages me to try new projects. So I was extremely glad she came down to see my brother and I this weekend! It's nice to sit and knit with her! (That way when I mess up I can go "MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM" LOL, but I've gotten better about after saying that trying to fix it myself so I can when she's not there)

For the first time this weekend, I began to knit in the round.  I'm taking on a Christmas project for the ladies at work and must start now in order to complete the project on time :)  I'm also wanting to do a wrapghan, which is basically a snuggie except more effort goes into making it.  I'm making this one for my boss :)  However, it's been hard to find this yarn so I'm having to order it from the internet.

I've been knitting for the past three days in the evening and have gotten further than I thought I would in my first round knitting but had to put it down and start a scarf my hands were hurting so bad holding the tiny double pointed needles needed for this in the round.

I'm still working on my spring project and it's coming along.  I've got about 3 inches to go on the third scarf and 3/4 of the way to go on the fourth scarf.

For now, my spinning has been put aside.  I've got to get some questions answered before continuing on with that project.  That's it for now, night!

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