Saturday, June 12, 2010

On Seeing the World - Making it to London

At the Atlanta airport, I met up with 14 other Auburn travelers.  We were and eclectic mix of students with different personalities and majors ranging from civil engineering to systems management to education and human development. The first flight was a very long one as we left at 6 pm EST.  And were flying into the next day.  And for most of us, myself included, this was our first overseas flight.  This flight was long as I was excited and ready to start seeing the world.  This did not allow me to have successful sleep on the flight over.  We successfully made it to Frankfurt, Germany where we hung out for a few hours.

Kelly takes an nap while Laura entertains herself. :)

I had to convince Amy to take this pic with me while Trevor does puzzles.  At about 30 mins before our flight was supposed to leave Trevor, Matt, and I realized that our flight info was not on the board and that we were the only ones sitting there.  So I went to ask the other desk and she informed us that our gate had changed and so we took off for the new gate as she had informed us that it was on the other side of the terminal.  The other side of the terminal ended up being just down an escalator but it was a scare nonetheless.  We all made it on to the flight and settled in for the last hour and a half before reaching London.  Most of us slept on this flight as sleep on the long flight never came for many of us.  At the end of the flight, we were in London!  Ready to meet our tour director and get started on doing all of the fun things listed in the brochure!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Packing

So after getting all of the ducks in order on May 22, I was off.  Off to Europe for 17 full days of traveling by boat, plane, train, and automobile!  Off to exploring parts of the world that have been around for anywhere between 500 - 2,600+ years.  I was exhilarated! As I packed, Matthew kept me company.

And then Mom called to make sure that I was packing everything

Which of course I was! :)  I even made sure to pack the AU flag!  It was going to make another 5,000+ mile journey!

So now that everything was packed. I could be off! Next stop: London!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On Seeing the World

So most of you know that I've always had the traveling bug and wanted to travel anywhere!  Well as my graduation in December approaches and I'm classified as a senior at Auburn University, my family and I received brochures about a graduation trip that is offered through the Auburn Alumni Association and AESU Travel Agency.  After much discussion with the parentals,  we decided that I could and should go!  Boy was I excited! The actual trip took place from May 22 through June 7.  Over the next few days I will be updating my blog with the things I did while on the trip as well as pictures!

I had so much fun and plan to get back over there ASAP (hopefully within the next 5 years).  I'll start the trip posts sometime tonight! :)