Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer's Here

So, summer is officially here for me. Though I've been out of school for over two weeks now, I still had to tutor till last week! I've begun to volunteer at the Child Advocacy Center of East Alabama in Lee County and so far it's been going wonderfully! It's great to see what I might potentially be doing for part of my life. I am still holding my student job I've had for over a year now on campus. Between 15 hours at CAC and 20 hours at work I'm still fairly busy. Not to mention my wonderful Project Uplift Little Sister, Mikuel, who I spend 4+ hours a week with!

I am however, not having to study and have been able to finish a rather large bundle of spinning (not quite sure on the yardage for those who know that I'm pretty accurate on that :)! But considering I gave it to my mom to knit with I'll be finding that out! I believe that my previous yarn that was given to lilquiz and amy at my Bible Study was underspun to some degree. However, I know that the yarn I spun and gave to my mom is overspun! So we'll see how it works. I'm still looking for feedback from them as they work with it!

I have also given myself a knitting project this past semester and have completed 2 of the 4 scarves that I've decided were the best things for me to learn how to combine the knit and purl stitches, making the cable stitch, and how to make eyelets. My Christmas break project was finishing a crocheted afghan that my mom had started, well let's just say a long time ago but not too long ago and the granny squares were still holding together :) Love you MOM!

I'm going to try and get pictures up of all of these things so that everyone will be able to see my progress and give me feedback! My hope is that one day I'll be inspired enough to scrumble like lilquiz! She's great at that!

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