Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On A New Year


So I have not been too productive this year, but the end of last year was a knitting spree.  I was getting all of my Christmas presents ready and finished.  Little did I know how well I had picked my presents for everyone.  They all loved their scarves!   I have included pictures (above).

In the time I have not updated I have also produced a one row scarf.  It is simply garter stitch the whole time but changing the yarn after every row.  This one includes 10 different types of yarn and one that has even been spun by myself.  The sides are different and I love it! Linda gave me a shawl pin for it and I have enjoyed wearing it!

I have also began attempting entralac.  My first attempt was pretty but not like I wanted it.  It was stiff and too wide.  I have it pictured above as well.  It was frogged.  When I frogged it though, most of it came apart into pieces.  So now this yarn is in short pieces waiting for me to spin it back together.

I cannot wait for this semester.  It is my last semester of classes! Then summer of work and volunteer.  Next will be an internship somewhere anywhere. Finally will come graduation! I just pray that senioritis will not play into any part of my year.  I am excited about the future and the changes it will bring!

That's it for now...HAPPY NEW YEAR!