Monday, September 21, 2009

On the Completion of My Projects

SOOO...My goal right now is to finish most of my ongoing projects! Tonight several things happened. First of all, Jordyn joined my in my fellowship group and she learned how to purl :) I sincerely hope that she had fun and will be back! The other exciting thing was that I finished my orange scarf!!! WOO HOO!!! Here are pictures of it. I haven't measured it and am packed up for the night but it comes about mid-thigh on both sides. I'm so happy that I could have inspired Nanette to start a super bulky scarf. They are so fun! :) Now on to finishing another project! Later...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back into the Swing of Things

So, school has been back in session for almost a month now. Tests and papers have picked up. Football is back! WAR EAGLE!! And the most exciting part for me: the Fiber Arts groups! I love these groups and the ladies in it! I get some much needed relaxed time talking about our different projects and being able to share concerns and problems about the projects and life to these ladies. So this means that my knitting has picked up. A stocking project that I had going is now finished. There are no pics of it up yet because it might be a Christmas present and I would hate for that someone to see it before they receive it. :) The large orange cabled scarf is going the fastest and is roughly 3 1/2 pattern repeats away from being finished. The basket weave, ruffle scarf has hit another stand still due to the fact that I'm out of that yarn :( I've been frantically emailing shops to see if they have it. If not I might have to have it special ordered which will cost me more money, but I will do so if needed. The double knit scarf is going well, but it is one that I have to think on and therefore don't get as much done on it when talking to others. So that's it for my short little update! Sweet knitting/dealing with fiber! :)